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Spicy Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

Spicy Air Fryer Salmon Recipe is a wonderful culinary experience, where the tenderness of salmon meets the ideal balance of sweet and spicy aromas. Look no further if you need a healthy, simple, and fast dinner option. Ground coriander, turmeric, chili powder, and chili flakes are combined with a delectable honey glaze in this simple dish that promises to excite your taste senses.

Main Steps To Make Spicy Air Fryer Salmon Recipe:

Prepare the Honey-Chili Marinade:

We’ll make a delicious honey-chili sauce to add a lot of flavor to the salmon. Warm the honey for about 10 seconds in a dish that can go in the microwave. This will make it easier to mix. Then, add chopped turmeric, coriander, chili powder, salt, pepper, and chili flakes to the honey that has been heated. Mix the ingredients well until they form a well-blended spice blend that will make our salmon taste better.

Prepare the Honey-Chili Marinade

Prep the Salmon Fillets:

Before marinating the salmon, ensure it is clean and dry. Wash the salmon fillets and pat them dry using a paper towel. This step is essential as it allows the marinade to stick better to the fish, ensuring an even distribution of flavors.

Prep the Salmon Fillet

Marinate the Salmon:

Spoon a lot of the honey-chili mixture onto each salmon piece, making sure to coat it evenly on all sides. Embrace the messiness, because this is where the magic happens. Let the salmon sit in the marinade for a few minutes so that the flavors can soak into the fish and make a rich and fragrant dish.

Marinate the Salmon

Preheat the Air Fryer:

While the salmon marinates, preheat your air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for a few minutes. The high heat will ensure a crispy exterior while keeping the inside tender and moist.

Now that we’ve covered the main steps let’s dive into the detailed recipe:

Air Fryer Salmon Recipe Details.

Spicy Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

Honey-chili salmon that is air-fried. This delicious dish has just the right amount of sweet and spicy tastes to go with the rich salmon. It's quick, easy, and full of good things for you, so it's a great choice for a healthy meal.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 22 minutes
Course Main Course
Servings 3
Calories 380 kcal


  • 3 salmon fillets 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick
  • 1 ½ teaspoons ground coriander
  • ½ teaspoon ground turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon chili flakes
  • ¼ cup honey 85 g
  • teaspoon salt and pepper


  • Follow the preparation steps mentioned above to create the honey-chili marinade and prepare the salmon fillets.
  • Place the marinated salmon fillets in the air fryer basket and cook them at 400°F (200°C) for 12 minutes.
  • Once the cooking time is up, remove the perfectly air-fried honey-chili salmon from the air fryer.


Nutrition Information (per serving):
  • Calories: 380
  • Fat: 16g
  • Carbohydrates: 31g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Sugar: 29g
  • Protein: 25g
Note: Marinate Time is great if 30 mins hence the total time will be more
Keyword Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

For this Spicy Air Fryer Salmon Recipe, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Air Fryer: A reliable air fryer to cook the salmon to crispy perfection while reducing the need for excessive oil.
  2. Microwave-Safe Dish: To warm the honey before mixing in the spices for the marinade.
  3. Measuring Spoons: To accurately measure the ground coriander, turmeric, chili powder, chili flakes, salt, and pepper.
  4. Paper Towel: To pat dry the salmon fillets before marinating, ensuring better adherence of the marinade.
  5. Tongs or Spatula: To handle the salmon fillets when placing them in the air fryer and removing them after cooking.

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Tips and Tricks

Air Fryer Salmon

Choose Fresh Salmon: If you want your dish to taste and feel its best, choose fresh, high-quality salmon pieces. Look for fillets that are bright in color and smell clean.

Adjust Spice Levels: If you want a softer or hotter taste, you can change the amount of chili powder and chili flakes in the marinade.

Marinating Time: Let the salmon sit in the marinade for at least 20 to 30 minutes before cooking for the best taste. But if you don’t have much time, even 5 minutes of marinating can improve the taste.

Use an Air Fryer Basket Liner: An air fryer basket liner or parchment paper cut to fit the basket can help keep food from sticking and make cleanup easy. So, the honey-chili mixture won’t stick to the basket while it’s cooking.

Check for Doneness: Air fryers can have different temperatures and cooking times, so it’s important to use a meat thermometer to see if the salmon is done. When the salmon hits an internal temperature of 145°F (63°C), it is ready to eat.

Serve with Fresh Herbs: Add a pop of color and a hint of freshness to your air-fried salmon by topping it with fresh parsley or chopped green onions.

Suggestions for Side Dishes: This delicious honey-chili salmon goes well with many different sides. Serve it with fluffy jasmine rice, quinoa, or a side of mixed greens served with a light vinaigrette.

Try Citrus: Add a splash of lemon or lime juice to the honey-chili marinate for an extra layer of flavor. The tangy tang goes well with the sweet and spicy flavors.

You can double or triple the recipe if you’re cooking for a larger group or if you want to have extra for other meals. Just make sure there’s enough room in your air fryer for all the pieces.

If you like dipping sauces, you could make an easy one with honey, soy sauce, and a dash of Sriracha. This sauce will go well with the fish and give it a little more kick.

Options to serve alongside the Sweet & Spicy Air Fryer Salmon:

Sweet & Spicy Air Fryer Salmon pairs well with a variety of sides that complement its flavors and add depth to the overall meal. Here are some delicious options to serve alongside the salmon:

Jasmine Rice: Fluffy jasmine rice is an excellent choice to serve with the salmon. Its mild flavor provides a perfect base to absorb the sweet and spicy marinade.

Quinoa Salad: Create a refreshing quinoa salad with diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and fresh herbs like parsley and mint. Dress it with a light lemon vinaigrette to balance the richness of the salmon.

Roasted Vegetables: Roast an assortment of vegetables such as asparagus, bell peppers, and zucchini. Season them with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper for a healthy and colorful side.


You can enhance the flavor of the Sweet and Spicy Air Fryer Salmon by combining it with any of the suggested accompaniments. There is no end to the tasty permutations you can make, so unleash your imagination and dig in!

Steamed Broccoli: Simple steamed broccoli is a classic side that complements the salmon’s flavors while providing a boost of vitamins and nutrients.

Asian Coleslaw: Prepare an Asian-inspired coleslaw with shredded cabbage, carrots, green onions, and a dressing made with sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and a touch of honey.

Mango Salsa: Create a refreshing mango salsa with diced ripe mangoes, red onions, cilantro, lime juice, and a hint of jalapeño for a tropical twist.

Cauliflower Rice: Swap traditional rice for cauliflower rice if you’re looking for a low-carb alternative. It’s light and fluffy and pairs wonderfully with the salmon.

Garlic Butter Green Beans: Sauté green beans in garlic butter for a flavorful and buttery side that complements the sweet and spicy notes of the salmon.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: For a comforting and sweet side, serve creamy mashed sweet potatoes seasoned with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Mixed Greens Salad: Toss together a simple mixed greens salad with baby spinach, arugula, and a light balsamic vinaigrette to provide a fresh and healthy contrast to the salmon’s richness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sweet & Spicy Air Fryer Salmon

Can I use frozen salmon for this recipe?

Even though fresh salmon has the best taste and texture, you can use frozen salmon if you have to. Before marinating the frozen fish, let them sit out for a long time to make sure they cook evenly.

How long should I marinate the salmon?

Marinate the salmon for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the best taste. But if you don’t have much time, even 5 minutes of marinating can improve the taste.

Can I grill the salmon instead of using an air fryer?

Absolutely! If you don’t have an air fryer, you can grill the salmon that has been prepared for about 3 to 4 minutes per side over medium-high heat until it is cooked all the way through.

How do I prevent the salmon from sticking to the air fryer basket?

Use an air fryer pan liner or parchment paper cut to fit the basket to keep food from sticking. This will make it easy to clean the basket and keep the honey-chili mixture from sticking to it.

Can I adjust the level of spiciness in the marinade?

Yes, you can change the amount of chili powder and chili flakes in the sauce based on how spicy you like your food. If you want a milder taste, lower the amounts, and if you want more heat, increase them.

How can I tell when the salmon is done?

Use a meat thermometer to find out how hot the salmon is inside. When the salmon hits an internal temperature of 145°F (63°C), it is ready to eat

Can I make this recipe ahead of time?

Even though fresh salmon is best, you can prepare it and keep it in the fridge for up to 24 hours before air-frying it. But for the best taste, you should cook it right before you serve it.

What dressing sauce goes well with Sweet and Spicy Air Fryer Salmon?

Honey, soy sauce, and a little Sriracha could be used to make an easy dipping sauce. This sauce goes well with the flavors of the fish and adds more sweetness and heat.

Can I use another kind of fish in this recipe?

Yes, you can use this sauce with other kinds of fish, like trout or tilapia. Change how long you cook the fish pieces based on how thick they are.

Can I put the cooked salmon in the freezer?

Yes, the cooked salmon can be frozen for up to two to three months. Wrap it tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap, and put it in a bag or container that can go in the freezer.

Is this recipe suitable for a gluten-free diet?

Yes, this recipe for Sweet and Spicy Air Fryer Salmon does not contain gluten. Just make sure that everything you use, including the spices and honey, is confirmed to be gluten-free.


You now have all the tools you need to make an outstanding Air-Fried Honey-Chili Salmon. Enjoy the delicious salmon fillets as they absorb the savory, spicy sauce. Try different condiments and accompaniments to find what works best for you in creating a well-rounded dinner. Don’t keep this mouthwatering recipe to yourself; instead, invite your loved ones over to enjoy the simple yet satisfying meal. Bon appetit and good luck in the kitchen!

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